Rewards Program

We know that you have numerous choices when deciding where to purchase your Iaso Tea. We wanted to seperate ourselves from the rest of the crowd by offering loyalty rewards to our loyal iaso tea customers.

How our Rewards Program works:

The ONLY requirement it to place your iaso tea order on our website.

After your first iaso tea order, you will receive an introductory email with your Reward URL. You can share this link with your friends and family and receive rewards that can be redeemed for FREE Iaso Tea. In addtion to this Reward URL, We offer a quick access page exclusive to our customers that allows you to also share your Reward URL virally via social media including Facebook, Twitter, and More.

How Many Reward Bucks Do will I receive per item ordered?

1 Week Iaso Tea Supply = $1.25
1 Month Iaso Tea Supply = $5.00
3 Month Iaso Tea Supply = $15.00

So How Can you get your Rewards URL?

Just place your order by clicking to on the "Order Iaso Tea" button.

Once your order has been processed, we will send out an email to you with your Reward URL activated! You will be able to pick a custom reward url username should you choose to do so. It gets even better though because you are instantly able to earn reward bucks on your own purchases as well!

How Many Reward Bucks Do I need to get Free Iaso Tea?

For every $50 in rewards bucks earned, you will receive one Month of Iaso Tea sent directly to your door!

How Do I know I will receive credit?

We set a cookie on the computer/mobile device of each person that views your reward url that lasts 365 days. When someone uses your reward url, at the bottom of the main page you will see your name as the Reward Customer to receive credit for the order. The only way you will not receive credit is if that person deletes there cookies and does not come back to you link to order. Otherwise, even if they come back without your link and order, you will receive credit as the cookie will stay in there browser history.

Customer Testimonials:

I was very satisfied with my purchase. Getting ready to reorder soon. - avril

I love my iaso tea - irene

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