Iaso Tea Original - 5 Pack

Iaso Tea Original - 5 Pack
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Iaso Tea Original Ingredients:

    * Holy Thistle
    * Persimmon Leaves
    * Malva Leaves
    * Marsh Mallow Leaves
    * Blessed Thistle
    * Papaya
    * Ginger
    * Chamomile
    * Myrrh

Iaso Tea Original - 5 Pack by Total Life Changes

Tea That Takes the Pounds Down

A world-famous all-natural cleansing drink. Popular benefits of this detox formula include weight loss & weight management, a boost in energy, mental clarity, improved skin, and a gentle cleansing of your intestines and internal organs.*

Cleanses the upper and lower intestines
Improves blood flow and helps reduce inflammation
Promotes regularity and a healthy digestive tract

Let quickly learn how to make iaso tea?

There are guidelines to be followed to prepare the tea. The steps that are to be followed are mentioned below:

1. Bring 4 cups of water to a boil in a pot, using a microwave is not permitted, and remove from heat.
2. Drop the two iaso tea bags from a single pack in the water for eight hours and covering it with a lid.
3. After the steeping time has passed, take a gallon container and pour in the concentrate from the 4 cups & fill the rest with water to make 96 oz.
4. Refrigerate without removing the tea bags for better results and taste.

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Customer Testimonials:

I love cbd tea it relaxes me so much especially at night.i been having alot of Anxiety!Around this time with Covid19 being inside n of course detoxes Me! - lucia

Great tea! Fast shipping! Highly recommend! - Cheleste