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Iaso Tea Three Month Supply

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Iaso Tea Three Month Supply - 15 Packs
Each Pack ( 2 tea bags per pack) makes 1 Gallon (week supply) of Iaso Tea

Iaso Tea Ingredients:

  • Holy Thistle
  • Persimmon Leaves
  • Malva Leaves
  • Marsh Mallow Leaves
  • Blessed Thistle
  • Papaya
  • Ginger
  • Chamomile
  • Myrrh

Iaso Tea Three Month Supply by Total Life Changes

Total Life Changes brings to market an all natural, organic herbal blend designed to cleanse and detoxify the body and aid people in achieving long term weight loss.

People turn to this unique herbal blend designed to gently cleanse the digestive tract, detoxify the whole body, and aid them in safe, healthy and effective weight loss.

Tested, refined and rebalanced through the years, Total Life Changes cleansing and slimming tea known as Iaso Tea has shown results you see and feel to thousands.

Discover more about this powerful herbal tea and see the testimonials of people who have used his remarkable tea continuously for many years.

Iaso Tea formulations are 100% organic.

Only 2 left in stock - order soon.

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