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5 Quick Tips before you order Nutraburst Plus from Total Life Changes!

1. Click the checkbox to confirm me as your sponsor. We will register your account with TLC after you have added your item(s) to the cart and clicked Checkout. If you are a current TLC customer, log in on that page, but if you are a new customer, click "Create Account" on the login page and make sure to fill out all of the information and check the box for the captcha code before clicking the submit button. There is NO cost to Register!

If your prefer to register now, CLICK HERE, and a new window will open.

Sponsor Name: Discounted Solutions LLC
TLC Userid: 3556651

Please copy down the sponsor info above, and if you don't see the matching information when you create your account, please click "find sponsor link". This will allow me to provide you ongoing support, Q&A, and troubleshooting if any issues arise!

2. Verify your address with TLC. Once you have created your account, make sure you verify your address with TLC by clicking --> Addresses --> and then click on the blue edit button. You will need to re-enter your zip code and click "Verify Address" and then save. This will help with the address verification for your credit or debit card.

3. Looking for Product(s) in the Shop. Click on the "Shop" link at the top, and then navigate to one of two sections, "Health and Wellness" or "Kits and Packs". 99% of the items will be in one of those two sections.

4. Make sure the Billing Address matches your Credit or Debit Card. Your billing and shipping address do not need to be the same, BUT make sure the billing address matches the address on file with your credit or debit card or your order will be declined automatically.

5. Reference ID's are not Bad, but make sure to do this! After you click "Process Order", if you get a message with red writing, don't panic! Just follow the 2 min verification process and you will receive an order confirmation within a couple hours after completing the steps ( I personally have to do this with every order! )

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